Quay Websites Ltd is the place you will find affordable SEO ( search engine optimisation) packages in London and the surrounding areas. Being a family run, UK based, SEO agency, Quay Websites, will deliver the very best and ethical SEO service for your company. We are London's affordable SEO consultant as we are based just outside of the capital in the lovely Cotswold's allowing us to tailor affordable SEO packages for London based companies by keeping our overheads low and our service levels high.

Our LONDON SEO Agency’s Values


Want affordable SEO in London? We have made this as simple as we can for you. We guarantee that we will beat anyone's price and offer the very best service. Simply get in touch by one of the following methods and start your SEO journey.


Just staring out in business or launching a new concept in a localised area?


This is the package for you. We optimise your website for the local areas that you want to be found in for a selection of 'A' rated keywords that relate to your business.


Due to the reduced amount of competition in a localised area this is an affordable SEO package for London based companies.



So your business is up and running but you are struggling to make an impression on Google and other search engines.


This is the one for you. A localised SEO package that is a bit more aggressive. Drilling down into your competition and working the keyword structure to maximise search engine listings.


Its time to step it up a gear and get ahead of other London based companies on Google!



let's take it to the moon

Time to tear up the competition!

Get the best value for money SEO in London from Quay Websites Ltd and get your website moving upwards!


Just because our London SEO is extremely affordable it doesnt mean you will not get results. Its simple you don't pay top London SEO prices because we keep our overheads low.


Secret Recipe

With over a decade of SEO experience we really do know our stuff. We set realistic SEO goals that are achievable based on our secret ethical SEO formula

we always aim to Please

Our core value is customer service, being a family run UK SEO agency we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.





national seo campaigns

Ready to rock the nation with your product or service?

Thought so! This is a great service for national and international companies that need to bark on the porch with the big dogs.

National SEO is part of a long term marketing strategy and should only be considered if your company is looking to increase ranking across multiple search terms and can service all areas of the country and over seas.




no minimum term contract


We won't tie you into a lengthy SEO contract. We would recommend that you employ our London SEO agency for at least 6 months for the best value for money, however if it isn't working for you just give us one months notice at any time. 

we will beat any quotation

We know our London SEO packages are well priced, however if you have managed to find it cheaper else where for the same product and from a UK based SEO agency we promise we will beat their price on a like for like basis. Simply send their quote to us and hey presto you have a better price!

SEO is a ever changing industry that keeps any SEO agency on their toes! All of our clients in London and indeed across the UK want to be at the top of Google and other search engines, however SEO is not for every company.

The the first thing that we do as part of our ethical SEO policy is to identify if SEO is the right thing for your company. We do this in a number of ways through market research identifying the volume of searches for your target market and the level of competition.

Once this stage is complete we undertake further competition analysis and identify the best SEO strategy and set realistic and achievable SEO goals. By going through this procedure we eliminate as much risk as possible before entering an agreement.



Now that we have identified that SEO is the right type of marketing for your business we can start the onsite analysis procedure. This involves deep inspection of your website , understanding its infrastructure and identifying any errors that would potentially harm your SEO score and affect your Google or search engine rank.

Once this is complete we would undertake works to rectify the issues onsite before commencing any SEO work.

Now that your website has passed the SEO check we can start to add additional content, meta data, alt tags and page titles. Our professional in house copy writers can create unique content for you that is search engine friendly. For search engines like Google quality, unique content is key to a good rank. 

Now that your website is tip top a sitemap will be created and submitted to Google for indexing. After the changes come in effect and we can monitor the results we will then refine the onsite SEO to maximise the index potential.

Following completion of the onsite SEO work a comprehensive competition analysis report will be carried out drilling down into what makes your competitors rank higher than you. This is a key part of our unique process, we see what others are doing and do it better. This maybe onsite content, offsite back link structure or social signal, whatever it is our SEO marketing plan will be to make your website better than the competitions in every way.

This work is ongoing , especially when you get to the first page on Google. You can safely assume that your top ranking competitors have a SEO agency like us working for them. Thus keeping on top of offsite SEO is a ongoing marketing strategy.

when will you see seo results

One of the most asked questions is "when will I see my website rank increase?"  As an ethical London SEO agency it is important to make our clients aware that no SEO agency can guarantee any page rank increase. Googles sophisticated algorithms dictate the order of which websites are listed and who shall be number one based on hundreds of variable elements, couple that with constant Google updates and changes no rank increase guarantee can be given. 

Having said that our years of experience in local and national SEO allows us to make safe assumptions that a rank increase can be achieved for the majority of our clients. Dependant on the state of the website and domain an initial increase in ranking can often be seen within a few weeks or sometimes even days. The hard work comes when you reach the upper pages of Google  and particularly the top three positions. 


Many of our clients have seen a significant increase of online revenue simply by having a 1st or 2nd page listing, its not always about the number one spot!