What is seo?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is process to encourage a higher organic rank on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


Using ethical SEO practices Quay Websites can increase your page rank on these search engines which in turn will drive more traffic to your website. Some of these techniques are as follows:


Onsite content


Google and other search engines loves good quality and unique content and thus pushes websites higher on their search engines to deliver better content to the end user. Creating a balanced keyword dense content on your website can increase your page rank, however the content needs to be purposeful and relevant to the subject searched and type of website. There is no point writing content about FA cup football on a website for a local builder.


Website structure


Another important aspect is website structure. Your website needs to be constructed with easy navigation to all pages, this allows search engine bots to crawl your website effectively. Also the correct H1 and H2 titles should be used along with effective meta data and ALT tags.


Making a user friendly website that is well built with clean code and one that loads nice and fast adds increases the chance of a high page rank on search engines.


Remember Google and other search engines want to deliver the very best website sand content to their end users, always keep this in mind when designing a website.




A blog or news page is a great way to connect with your website visitors but also is a superb way to add new content to your website without involving a website designer.



Adding more and more content to your website on a regular basis encourages search engine bots to visit your website more often, crawl the content and index it in search results. Writing blogs about trending topics is a great way to keep your website up to date and often improves your page rank.

Meta data


Meta data and page titles are what appear in search engines that describe the subject of the web page, helping the end user find the content they are looking for. 


Creating unique meta data that has a good keyword density and correct describes the web page can directly impact the search terms that you are listed for. Keeping within character restrictions outlined by the search engine will also earn you bonus points increasing the chance of a better page rank.


Back link building


Over the years Back Link Building has been a proven strategy to help optimise a website on a search engine. This important part of SEO involves getting other websites, bookmarks and blogs to link back to relevant content on your website.


This can be achieved naturally by making good content on your website that other simply want to link to. Alternatively farming backlinks from relevant high authority websites can also assist in this SEO method.


However be careful as buying back links and using back link generators can easily cause a negative effect on your website page rank.


Competitor analysis


Any good SEO company will do extensive competitor analysis. Drilling down into what your competitors are doing on their website using explorative tools will help with creating an effective SEO marketing plan and structure.


Guaranteed results


Can a SEO company guarantee a page one rank? The simple answer is 'No'


No individual nor company has control over how search engines like Google rank a website and thus can not guarantee an increase in a websites ranking.


What we do know is that by applying the right SEO to your website, creating good content and analysing competitors a higher rank can often be achieved and by doing nothing a website often slips away or doesn't increase its page rank.



Boost your online business with seo

By having a structured SEO strategy you can effectively market your business online. This type of online marketing is cost effective and usually yields a larger ROI in comparison to paid for adverts. Being on page one and particularly in the top three listings on a search engine like Google you can expect to see a huge increase in web traffic without any costs per click.


Remember getting people to your website is only half the battle, converting them is the other half. Having a easy to navigate , mobile responsive website that delivers a good experience to the end user will help convert the new visitors into revenue.