Its Green for google ads

Over the past few days we have noticed a change in the paid for ads on Google that appear top and bottom of the Google search. They have gone Green!!!


Previously the 'ad' logo was yellow, but now Google has decided that green is the colour, and who are we to argue!


Our guess is that the 'ad' logo now blends with the colour of the domain name making the adverts look less like an advert and more like a organic listing on Google. By doing this people are more likely to click the advert as we know that organic listings get only get approx 6% of overall clicks, most people clicking on organic listings.


Does this mean that paid for ads are now better than organic SEO listing?


Simply put 'no' , although for now it may catch a few people out, in the long run most will cotton on and locate the organic listings once more. besides all of that investing in SEO is a sounder advertising strategy for most small to medium sized business. For some industries you can easily pay £10 + for a ad click, so a successful marketing PPC strategy can easily run into the thousands, while organic clicks are FREE. 


Having a SEO company like Quay Websites is an affordable online marketing strategy with a higher ROI.